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The A.C.E. Group was first established in 1987 by two close friends, Ali and Joseph. They decided to create a friendly, family-run company to carry out cleaning, maintenance and building works – a local company that would be fair, trustworthy and would deliver a good, high quality service to local people.


They earned their first £10.00 and, with a sense of pride and achievement, framed it and hung it on the wall in Ali’s front room, which also served as their office in those early days. Today, this framed ten pound note from 1987 is hanging in their current offices (located on Sidmouth Road, Willesden Green); a reminder of their humble beginnings and the gratitude that they have for their client’s, many of whom have used their services again and again over the years. In fact, some of the clients from those early days are still clients today, more than thirty years later…. How’s that for a good recommendation!

In the first few years, the company steadily grew as the two friends worked hard to build up a reputation with local clients. Through word of mouth, The A.C.E. Group has developed into a successful business, carrying out maintenance, building, renovating and cleaning works for a wide variety of clients, including Housing Associations, offices, estate agents, managing agents, shops and private individuals. To this day, The A.C.E. Group continues to be a friendly reliable local company, with a wide range of qualified and experienced workmen, including plumbers, electricians, heating engineers, carpenters, and decorators – most of whom have been with A.C.E. for several years. In 1997, ten years after the company was established, The A.C.E. Group moved into their offices on Sidmouth Road, where they remain to this date. Give us a call or pop in for free estimates, advice or just a chat.


We're the experts! We're the experts!
Making customers happy since 1987
We're certified! We're certified!
We comply with all National and European gas and electrical standards.
Satisfaction guaranteed Satisfaction guaranteed
We guarantee that our projects are completed to the highest quality.

The A.C.E. Group is committed to:

  • Trade certified engineers
  • Deliver on time and on budget
  • Unparalleled service and performance
  • Set exceptional professional standards
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Why A.C.E.?

The A.C.E. Group has over 30 years of experience providing excellent maintenance and cleaning services to the public, private and commercial sectors across London. More about us

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