London Builders & Property Maintenance Services

The A.C.E. Group was founded in 1987, and from our base in North West London we now cover most of the London Area. At The A.C.E. Group we believe a good service is an unobtrusive one, carried out so efficiently and punctually, that cleaning ceases to be an issue for you and your staff.


At The A.C.E. Group, we can provide you with a variety of cleaning services that is perfect for any property manager or property owner. This includes both domestic and commercial properties.


General cleaning can include washing down surfaces, thoroughly vacuum cleaning floors, mopping hard floors, dusting & polishing surfaces, cleaning glass and mirrors, cleaning kitchen appliances, bathrooms and toilets.


For both of these services, all areas of the property are checked and cleaned to make sure that the property is returned at the end of the tenancy, as when the tenancy started or it is ready for new occupation. In both scenarios, the property should pass the inspection of the inventory clerk at the end of or at the beginning of a tenancy.


This could be the daily cleaning of offices which includes emptying all bins, dusting down / cleaning of desks and work tops, cleaning of the toilets and the kitchen areas, vacuum cleaning of carpets and the mopping of hard floors. Every office will have its own specification, as per your requirements.

It can also involve rotary machine cleaning of show room floors and the daily maintenance of these floors.


The system we use for carpet cleaning is steam cleaning. The process is simply to thoroughly vacuum clean the carpets and then inject the carpet with a combination of hot water and cleaning solution and retract the injected fluid simultaneously. The carpets will be slightly damp and should dry out in 3-4 hours with adequate ventilation.


For general cleaning, we have a fixed hourly fee of £22 per operative (plus VAT) with a minimum of 3 hours of work.

The rates for carpet steam cleaning will be £75 for the first hour and £44 per hour thereafter (plus VAT) with a minimum of 3 hours.

For window cleaning (externally, we are limited to the first floor or 6 metres) we charge £33 per hour per operative (plus VAT), with a minimum charge of 3 hours.

Materials are charged separately or can be purchased by yourselves. We can provide a free estimate for the cleaning services above.

In case of regular communal parts, we can also provide a free estimate.

Give us a call for an estimate or any query: 020 8933 6226




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