London Builders & Property Maintenance Services

At A.C.E., we carry out all types of decoration and renovation services, including painting, overhauling, and updating your entire building.

Stripping Wallpaper and Re-Painting

To strip paper from walls and ceilings, our workers use scrapers and, where necessary, a steam stripper to remove as much paper as possible, leaving a clean surface for further decoration. Before re-papering or re-lining, we ensure the walls and ceilings are in good condition, which sometimes requires further preparation, as explained below.

Preparing Surfaces

When carrying out decoration services, it often becomes necessary to prepare wall and ceiling surfaces due to uneven or damaged surfaces. Any holes, gaps, or uneven surfaces are filled in and sanded down to ensure a nice, even, smooth finish. Additionally, wooden surfaces such as skirting boards, dado rails, and frames can be prepared for decoration in the same way.

Painting (internally and externally)

The final touch is usually painting walls/ceilings, whether outside or inside. Depending on the room, location, and requirements of the client, we apply primer/undercoat and top coats. The appropriate type of paint will be used accordingly (for example, bathroom paint, kitchen paint, external paint). We always use top-quality paints.

  • Painting: We have a fixed hourly rate of £33 (plus VAT) with a minimum of 3 hours of work. Materials are charged separately or can be purchased by yourselves.
  • For larger jobs (listed above), we can provide a free estimate.

Give us a call for an estimate or any query: 020 8933 6226.




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