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This is usually carried out for any appliances that are plugged into a power outlet. These are tested for any electrical faults, and the process is handled by one of our fully qualified engineers. Once the test is concluded, a report is generated for the results and submitted to the client. This service is also required for rental accommodation.


This has superseded the old Periodical Inspection Report. It is a formal document produced following an assessment of the electrical installation within a property. It is carried out by our registered and fully qualified electricians. The inspection is thorough and includes the inspection of power points, switches, light fittings, consumer units, and the general state of the wiring.


This is always carried out by our qualified and highly experienced engineers. Faults can be as simple as a defective power point, fused spur, light fitting, or light switch. The problem could be more serious, such as a faulty or substandard consumer unit or defective wiring. Whatever the issue may be, we will be able to trace, diagnose, and remedy the problem.


Low voltage lights are used in bathrooms but also throughout a property. Sometimes, when a low voltage lamp is burnt out and a replacement is fitted, the light will still not work. The reason for this could be that the transformer used to reduce the voltage from mains voltage also needs replacement.


This can be a full installation where a property is undergoing a full refurbishment and complete new rewiring is required. Another scenario could be, for example, where a new kitchen is being fitted and new wiring is needed to service the new appliance positions, power points above the worktops, and new lighting arrangements. In either case, we will be able to advise you on what is needed, and a detailed estimate can be submitted for the work. Upgrading the existing consumer unit may also be necessary to be able to cope with the additional load.


When work is undertaken, we are required to ensure the existing wiring is safe for the change. This is because you are changing the characteristics of the existing circuits. Usually, this is done by carrying out a full Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) before starting the change. We will also ensure the earthing and bonding is up to standard, that the meter tails are the correct size, and that there are adequate means of isolation between the electrical meter and the consumer unit, and if not, upgrade this. An estimate for the work can be provided for your approval prior to commencing the work.


Fire alarms save lives and are highly recommended within any type of property. These can be a simple battery-operated unit, fitted in the hallway of a small one-bedroom flat, or a fully integrated fire alarm system with mains-powered smoke alarms with battery backup, heat detectors with battery backup, and an alarm system panel. There is also the type of installation that will incorporate the flats within a building and the communal areas so if there was a fire in any part of the building, all residents are warned of the danger and given time to evacuate the building. When evacuating a fire-distressed building, it is essential to ensure that the fire escape route is well illuminated and clearly signed to assist with the evacuation. That is where a correctly installed emergency lighting system is key. The system will have its own power source to come on even if the electrical power in the building is compromised. It should make the route to safety clear even when visibility is limited. Once a system is installed, you will be provided with installation and commissioning certificates. We also provide maintenance contracts to inspect and service these systems whether installed by us or by others. Systems, remedial work carried out, and certificates issued to the status of the system can be periodically inspected. These inspections could be quarterly or half-yearly, depending on your requirements.


Where electrical heating is required, our engineers will be able to survey your property and advise you on the most efficient way to use electric power to provide heating and hot water supply. This could be an electric combination boiler and normal radiators, an immersion hot water cylinder and panel heater, or a hot water cylinder and economy heating system.


This can be installed in commercial buildings or part of a building containing more than one flat. Audio and video feeds notify you that someone is at your front door and then you will have the option to allow them in remotely. You can also have the option to see and hear your caller, even if you are away from your property. We can advise you on your options and submit an estimate for the supply and installation of the new system. We can also provide you with a maintenance contract to ensure that your equipment remains serviceable at all times.


External lighting can be functional, decorative, and/or security-oriented. We can provide a power suppl and light, and can also provide external power points for your lawn mower or any other electric tools used outside. We can discuss your requirements with you, inspect your existing consumer unit and wiring, and provide you with an estimate for the work.


We can undertake electrical work at both domestic and commercial premises. We also cover the entire spectrum of electrical services from a simple replacement of a light fitting to wiring an entire building with various flats and including business premises.


We carry out general maintenance services such as fault finding and its associated remedial works, electrical testing, and producing PIRs. We can also undertake PAT testing, produce the relevant documentation, test, maintain, and service fire and smoke alarm systems and security systems.


We can carry out rewiring of premises and produce installation certificates, install new fire and smoke alarm systems, new security systems, and intercom systems. We can upgrade electrical installations to comply with current regulations and certify the same. In short, we can cater to all your electrical needs.


We are a NAPIT registered company.


Our rates will consist of £75 per hour (plus VAT). Materials are charged separately or can be purchased by yourselves.

In case of larger jobs (total rewiring, consumer unit replacement, fault finding, etc.) we can provide an estimate with a minimum charge of £75 which will be wavered upon award of work.

EICR is subject to the size of the premises, please see table below: PAT Test £90, EICR, EPC Inspection (1-3 bedroom: £69, 4-6 bedroom: £79)

Give us a call for an estimate or any query: 020 8933 6226.




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