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Boiler Engineers

The A.C.E. Group is a registered member of Gas Safe, and all our plumbing and gas operatives are also members. This qualifies them to carry out all types of gas work, including boiler installations, for which we provide Gas Safe certification to confirm compliance with current regulations. Our highly qualified gas engineers also carry out fault finding and boiler repairs. Armed with years of experience working with both conventional and Combi boilers, our engineers are skilled at diagnosing faults and carrying out any necessary repairs.

Boiler Repair

Our fully qualified gas engineers are adept at carrying out small and large boiler repairs. With many years of experience, our engineers investigate and diagnose the problem. The safest and most cost-effective solutions are recommended to the client, and where more than one option is possible, this is discussed with the client, clearly outlining all the advantages and disadvantages. We always use high-quality materials sourced from our reliable and competitively priced suppliers.

New Boiler Installation

New boiler installations are carried out by our fully qualified and certified engineers. Prior to installation, we diagnose and liaise with the client to ensure that the most economical and best-suited type of boiler is installed. We will also provide you with information and advice, such as the advantages and disadvantages of different boilers, the benefits of fitting appropriate filters, and the advantages of power flushing the system if applicable.

The A.C.E. Group can provide you with a detailed estimate, which includes separate costs for materials and labour. This gives you a ‘no-surprises’ clear and accurate description of the works, together with associated costs.

Boiler Replacement

Sometimes a boiler reaches an age or condition where it is more economical to replace it than repair it. If this is the case, we will explain our findings to the client, together with the options available. For example, different types of boilers available will be discussed, such as conventional boilers versus Combi boilers. Whether it be a new boiler installation or replacement, various considerations are taken into account, such as property size, space availability, the number of people living in the property, budget, etc.

Combination Boiler Installation

A combination boiler (or Combi) provides heating and hot water requirements effectively and efficiently to certain homes. The heating works similarly to a conventional boiler, where it can be set to come on at a particular time and temperature. However, with a Combi, the hot water does not need to be set as it will come on automatically once a hot tap is turned on, providing hot water on demand. A Combi boiler will also save you space since it runs directly from the water mains, eliminating the need for a hot water cylinder or a cold water service tank. Furthermore, you will not need a pump as the water will be operating at mains pressure.

Gas Installations

The A.C.E. Group follows strict safety regulations and procedures when carrying out any type of gas work. Any work that involves gas must be carried out by a certified engineer and/or a company registered with Gas Safe. Our gas engineers are fully qualified and certified with Gas Safe and have many years of experience. Works involving gas can include locating, investigating, and remedying a gas leak, running gas supplies from a meter, fitting a landlord meter, connecting to a central heating system, and fitting a gas hob or oven, to name but a few.

General Heating and Plumbing

General heating and plumbing cover a wide range of services, including maintenance or repair works on a boiler, pipe work, bathroom services, radiators, valves, taps, etc. Our fully qualified engineers are experienced in carrying out this type of work promptly and efficiently, ensuring our hourly or daily rates are kept to a minimum.

Central Heating Installation

The installation of a new central heating system involves a boiler installation and can include the installation of a hot water cylinder, depending on the type of boiler suitable for the property. It can also entail the installation of feed and return pipework to service the radiators and hot water services. The A.C.E. Group is able to advise you on the best options for your property, such as the type of boiler, types and numbers of radiators to effectively and economically heat the premises. A detailed estimate can be submitted, and we will liaise with the customer to address any concerns or queries promptly and efficiently. All work will be carried out to comply with and in accordance with Gas Safe regulations, and the appropriate certificates will be issued on completion of the works.

Water Tank Replacement or Removal

Replacing or removing a cold water service tank is sometimes necessary if the old tank is corroded, contaminated, leaking, or becomes redundant due to changing the system from a conventional boiler to a Combi boiler. Tanks are usually located within the loft space of a property. The benefits of having a tank removed include more space in the loft. The A.C.E. Group ensures that when removing or replacing the tank, we protect the areas we are working on to keep the premises as clean and tidy as possible.

Hot Water Cylinder Installation, Repair, and/or Removal

Hot water cylinders are fitted as part of a boiler/central heating installation and provide the hot water necessary for the water and heating system. The A.C.E. Group can advise you on the different options and types of cylinders available, ensuring you get the best solution suited to your property. Our services also include diagnosing a fault within an existing cylinder installation and reporting to the client what is needed to remedy the problem. Repairing any faults is carried out professionally and efficiently by our qualified and experienced engineers. Removing a hot water cylinder becomes necessary when replacing it with a new cylinder or when the existing cylinder has become redundant due to changing the system to a Combi boiler. In the latter case, the benefits of this would be the creation of more cupboard space, as a hot water cylinder is usually quite a bulky item. As usual with The A.C.E. Group, we carry out all hot water cylinder installations, repairs, and removals professionally and with minimal mess, ensuring all areas worked on are clean and tidy on completion.

Power Flushing

A central heating system usually consists of a heat source (for example, the boiler), a hot water storage area (for example, the hot water cylinder), and pipework that links these two items to each other and subsequently to the radiators that supply heat throughout the premises. Over the years, debris can accumulate in an older system, affecting the pipework and radiators, causing blockages, and reducing the efficiency of water running through them in order to heat the system. As the boiler works harder to push the water through the congested system, more gas is used, resulting in a higher gas bill for the customer. Periodically power flushing a central heating system to clear and produce a cleaner, more efficient system can be economical as it allows the system to run more efficiently, thus reducing your gas bill.


Gas safety certificate – CP12

General Rates for Heating, Gas & Boiler Work

We have a fixed hourly rate for jobs of £85 (plus VAT). Materials are charged separately or can be purchased by yourselves.

In case of larger jobs (central heating, new boilers, etc.) we can provide an estimate with a minimum charge of £90 which will be wavered upon award of work

Landlord Gas Certificates

The fixed fee will be £107.

Give us a call for an estimate or any query: 020 8933 6226.




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